i live my life in a constant state of low key emo

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"Please sir, no photos in the office

Now that I have to use busses to get everywhere I relate a lot to SpongeBob in the Rock Bottom episode


Spotted hyena and its reflection by johan de bondt



In honor of this follower milestone, we have decided that a giveaway is in order! And, why not with some of our favorite socks in the store?


  • Must be following us
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The winner will receive 5 pairs of our popular art socks to cozy and class up their feet! The giveaway ends Wed. October 15, 2014! If you are not confident in your luck, all of these socks are also available for purchase online at our store!

Sunflowers // Starry Night // The Scream // Mona Lisa // Birth of Venus 

Thanks again to all our sock loving followers and good luck!!!

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Today’s antique store score! A 1800’s hand colored lithograph of my favorite animal munchin’ on some bones. 💀